2016-2017 Kathryn Simmons

VP Kathryn is the picture of “grace under pressure”. The responsibilities of Vice President are no easy task and are of paramount importance to nurturing a chapter that is sisterly, welcoming, and fulfilling for all members. Kathryn carries out these responsibilities with creativity and compassion, and an exceptional attention to detail; but most of all with grace and love for all of us.
In her role as Program Director, Kathryn has embraced our chapter’s mission to provide educational and social programming that enhances the lives of our children, helping to develop them into leaders that are committed to service. From encouraging even our youngest ones to speak publicly to supporting the community service activities of our teens, Kathryn’s leadership in that role was phenomenal; garnering our chapter’s 2015-2016 Program Book a score of Superior. Her “Southern hospitality” charm could be unmistakably felt throughout our chapter-wide activities.

As Vice President and Membership Chair, Kathryn has demonstrated her commitment to keeping chapter morale high through ensuring that mothers have an opportunity to bond and develop feelings of togetherness. We are all mothers, all with the same desire for safety and success of our children; through the various bonding activities that Kathryn has spearheaded, we have been able to share those desires with each other, feeling comforted and supported by our fellow Jack and Jill moms.

Let’s reflect together on the special ways that VP Kathryn goes beyond the call of duty to support our chapter. Fresh flowers and surprise gifts at monthly meetings, special presentations, thoughtful notes or cards, beautifully decorated events that make us feel special, menu planning that is considerate of the needs of our moms, and always greeting any one of our children with a warm smile and encouraging word. We thank you.

VP Kathryn has been a member in the chapter for over 5 years, has held positions of Program Director and Fundraising Committee Co-Chair. She was instrumental in the planning of our chapter’s highly successful Chic White & Candlelight Fundraiser and has set the bar for what Suffolk County can achieve when we have a committed and enthusiastic mother body. With gratitude and pleasure, I nominate Kathryn Simmons for the 2016-2017 Suffolk County Chapter Distinguished Mother Award.