2015-2016 Melodie Laidlow

Melodie has exemplified what it means to go above and beyond. Melodie has set the standard for professionalism, commitment and composure. Melodie has managed to continue to effectively and efficiently carry out her duties as treasurer in sometimes difficult situations. She has never wavered in her duties as a member, and more importantly as a mother. She has successfully carried out her duties as treasurer in times when we as mothers have not always understood the importance of following the proper protocol for the procedures necessary and required for our treasurer to carry out her duties. Yet, we have never heard Mel raise her voice or walk away. She has always calmly and respectfully carried out her duties as treasurer. Melodie also has demonstrated her commitment to ensure that Ian gets the most out of his experience in Jack and Jill by making sure that he participates in the activities of his age group. Mel has always said that her age group is made up of great mothers and wonderful children and that she wanted to make sure that Ian benefits from the greatness of his peers and the love of the mothers within the group.
Mel is a superb treasurer and most importantly an awesome and loving mother.