2020-2021 Mrytho Cadet

Dear Magnificent Moms of the Suffolk County Chapter,


I would like to nominate Mom Myrtho Cadet for the Distinguished Mother Award.  She joined the Suffolk County chapter in 2017. She jumped right in and held the position of the Treasurer, which she is still serving as.  I joined in 2018 and I met her when she hosted the informal teen get to know event at her home during the summer. At the time, I had no idea that Mom Myrtho opens up her home for any and every event for Jack and Jill. Since then, I have gone to her home to attend PMI tea, mother’s meeting, making baskets for the fundraising event etc. She is the hostess with the mostest. She has an amazing spread, opens up her home with all her heart and uses her beautiful china to serve us (by the way she has an amazing collection of china). Her daughter, Alexandra takes after her mom and is gracious to include any children who tag along with their moms to her home.



Mom Myrtho is always kind, humble and very patient when asked about dues, vouchers and reimbursements. It takes an immense amount of time to keep the accounts straight and she is meticulous and detail oriented. She has also served as Co-chair on fundraising committee, on budget committee for the children’s cluster and on Budget committee for the chapter. When I chaired the Budget Committee for Children’s Cluster, I could not have created the budget without Mom Myrtho’s help. She stayed on the phone for hours and looked over all my spreadsheets to help me manage the budget.



It is no easy task to create a budget for our chapter and keep the dues within reasonable limits. It is a thankless job. No one wants to hear how much we owe to the chapter, but Mom Myrtho balances and rebalances the expected expenses and comes up with the numbers. At the end of the year, she balances those numbers again after everyone is reimbursed (if we do submit our vouchers) and then manages to return some money to us.



Mom Myrtho is always willing to lend a hand, an ear and this money lady is a foodie. She loves a variety of food and is always eager to introduce great places to eat and to feed us well when we visit her home (pre COVID was very often).

She works full time and still manages to find time to get all chapter related work done on time. We might take forever to submit our vouchers, but she always makes sure we are reimbursed as promptly as possible.


Mom Myrtho’s graciousness, humility and kind generous nature is an example of a stellar Jack and Jill Mom. She is “All in and always cares about How are the Children?”

I would like to nominate Mom Myrtho Cadet for the Suffolk County Chapter Distinguished Mother for the 2020-2021 Program Year.


Respectfully Submitted Neerja Baijal Jones





Good afternoon Mothers,


I would like to ask for your consideration in voting for this mom as the Suffolk County Distinguished Mother for the 2020-2021 program year. Since this mother entered the chapter, she has selfishly served at the benefit of us the mothers, as well as the teens. She was Fundraising co-chair her first year in the chapter – and as we know, fundraising is no small feat, even for the most experienced mom. She has opened her home to multiple chapter and teen events, including but not limited to mother bondings, e-board meetings, teen summer get togethers and many more. She tirelessly works as our Treasurer which many don’t realize is a year-round job, looking out financially for all of our benefit. She does all of this willingly, while always being prepared to help at the next opportunity.


But beyond her service to the chapter, is her service to the individuals that make up our organization. There are many of us who go to her for personal advice related to educational advocacy for our children, party planning, all thing wine and so much more! We appreciate her for her honesty, knowing that her word is impeccable, and that she will never steer you wrong. Personally, she has opened her heart, her family and her home to me in countless ways and I will forever be grateful. We walked into this organization at the same time for different reasons, but have been together ever since, laughing the whole way. We have shared countless meals, glasses of wine, parties, personal celebrations, laughs, tears and more. She is a compassionate leader to us all, mentor to many, and if she really likes you, a life-long friend. I am honored to call her mine. For this years submission, I nominate Myrtho Cadet.