Distinguished Mothers

Created by Sanderal S. Brown to honor outstanding service and commitment

2021-2022 Deon Retemeyer-Alston

4/17/2022 Dear Madame President and Mothers of the Suffolk County Chapter of Jack and Jill Inc. When I think back over years, I have held …

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2020-2021 Associate Mother Juanita McKinney

Juanita, has been a member of Jack and Jill for fifteen plus years. She has been an active participant in the Jack and Jill culture, …

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2020-2021 Neerja Baijal-Jones

Neerja Baijal-Jones nominated as our chapter’s 2020 Sanderal S. Brown Distinguished Mother recipient Dear Madame President, Please accept this nomination of Mother Neerja Baijal-Jones for …

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2019-2020 Associate Mother Tonia Alea Watts

Associate Mother Tonia Alea Watts received the 2019/2020 Distinguished Associate Mom Award Lea, as she is known to us, has been a member of Jack …

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2016-2017 Kathryn Simmons

VP Kathryn is the picture of “grace under pressure”. The responsibilities of Vice President are no easy task and are of paramount importance to nurturing …

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Adrea Midy

2016-2017 Andrea Midy

Andrea Midy has served both the Chapter and the Associates Group with dedication, enthusiasm and attention to the needs of the members. Andrea is constantly …

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Past Award Winners

Khadijah Starling – 2015

Carmelia Taylor – 2014

Sharon Hinkson – 2013

Dawn Lott – 2012

Juanita McKinney – 2011

Mireille Lubin – 2010

Linda Maxwell Evans – 2009

Sherri Coverdale – 2008

Bobbi Murray – 2007

Lisa Evans-Chapman – 2006

Tory Hare – 2005

Deborah Kimborough Lowe – 2004

Sharon Hinkson – 2003

Belinda Marquis – 2002

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