Dr. Tochi Iroku Malize nominated to receive the 2019 Distinguished Mother recognition

Dear President Kathryn and Sensational Moms of the Suffolk County Chapter,

I would like to nominate Dr. Tochi Iroku Malize for Distinguished Mother recognition.

Her service as what I believe may fall under inaugural Community Service Chair, and now Co-chair (but certainly lead over myself!), Mom Tochi has gone above and beyond. And she does so purposefully, and with strong intent to raise an understanding of what it means to give back vis a vis the Jack and Jill Suffolk County Chapter.
There have been many times when I’ve reached out to her in a text or email with questions on how to move on a Community Service matter given her experience, and there is always a fast and thoughtful reply.
Mind you, Tochi has much to juggle on her schedule whether it’s Mom’ing, or traveling in a professional manner.
She always puts forth a careful reminder on how we can loop in community service with activities and, therefore, it makes me more mindful.
I believe that in the past, she has made purchases with her own funds on the chapter’s behalf to beef up donations because she wants to help organizations. She carefully has used the CS budget in a similar manner.

She is open to teaching the Jack and Jill way when it comes to Community Service. She is open to ideas on who to help. When I was added as co-chair and offered suggestions on new organizations to support, she supported those ideas.
She sends gentle reminders from a social standpoint. Not all of us Tweet or post ok n FB or Insta, but she is willing to share on those platforms on our behalf to promote whatever might be the cause of the day…but also promote what we as a chapter stand for.
She has taken on donations post chapter activity. Packed the car and dropped off.
She has suggested for review a unique Cluster virtual donation.
She has been a worker since joining the same year as I did. And has not appeared to stop.
Most important, like us all, she’s a loving Mom.

Thank you for your time and attention in reading my submission.

With warm regards…

And yours in Motherhood…

CSC Chemene