Grade Groups 1-3


Bakers In Training

The children participated in Panera Bread’s Baker-In-Training program. They were educated on safety skills in the kitchen and food preparation. The children donned aprons, scored ...
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Mighty Vessels & Smooth Sailors Coding Event

Grade Group 1-3, aka the Mighty Vessels & Smooth Sailors, got together o complete a coding workshop with the Apple Store @ Walt Whitman Mall. ...
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Suessical The Musical

The children attended a play that was based on an combination of Dr. Seuss’s books. The children were taught about the importance of being unique, ...
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Pearls of Wisdom at Jewel

An afternoon of grace and style. Princes and Princesses dined and learned about table manners and social etiquette in the sophisticated and fun Jewel restaurant.
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Fly High like the Tuskegee Airmen!

Our 405th Graders set their sights high like the Tuskegee Airmen! We came together over Thanksgiving weekend and worked off our holiday meals by jumping ...
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Bowlmor Long Island

Our 1-3rd Graders had a wonderful time bonding, staying fit while learning the art of bowling and learned the importance of service and sacrifice with ...
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